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High Street United Methodist Church



About Us

You are going to love High Street because here you can grow, explore, and do just about anything in your attempt to follow Jesus! It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done or not done, are currently doing, or who you are. You are loved by God! We would love to have you join us at High Street as we grow in our faith together!

One thing is for sure – you have unique and special gifts which God wants you to use and share with others. Whatever it is that you do well or enjoy doing, God put it in your life to not only enjoy yourself but to share with others. You can explore how to put those gifts into action right here at High Street. There are a number of small groups in which you can explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus. What difference does that make in life? What does that really mean? How do I know that God is calling me to follow Jesus? All these and many other questions are what we wrestle with here at High Street.

As we try to make a little more room for God’s world in this world, you will have an opportunity to serve all kinds of people – young and old, rich and poor, sick or healthy. High Street is making a difference in the lives of people here in Springfield because we believe that God’s world is the best place to be. In God’s world, you are smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough, fast enough, young or old enough. Jesus is your big YES to the world’s big NO.

Come to High Street and see what it’s like to live in God’s world, even if it’s just for a moment. It’s quite an experience! We hope to see you soon!


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Pastor Cynthia & Pastor Heather handing out books for LEAP, summer reading program
Pastor Cynthia Atwater
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