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MSI Utilities

MSI Utilities



About Us

MSI Utilities is a full-service energy management consulting firm specializing in innovative ways to approach our client's energy usage, reduce operation expenses, and lower overall utility costs. MSI will work directly with clients and their facility teams to reduce energy usage on site through data received in comprehensive or partial energy audits. MSI will address individual building components to improve efficiencies in lighting, HVAC, and other means that can affect energy consumption.


  • Family owned and operated for over 26 years.
  • Have over 50 suppliers for electric and gas rates.
  • Largest suppliers in the nation consider MSI their top tier consultancy/advocacy.
  • Specialize in providing various financing like PACE for projects where available.
  • Will create power directly on site through solar and other means.

Why Invest with the Partnership?

Greater Springfield Partnership 20 South Limestone Street Suite 100 Springfield, OH, 45502