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Rollins Moving & Storage, Inc.


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About Us

Established in the late 1880's, Rollins has remained a family-owned business for over 120 years. Mike and Tim Rollins, the founder's grandson and great grandson, currently lead the company. Rollins was founded in Springfield, Ohio and continues to strive to meet the moving needs in our community. In addition to moving and storage, Rollins has also evolved into a full service third party logistics organization.

Today Rollins Moving and Storage remains as dedicated as ever to helping individuals relocate themselves and their belongings. Our highly experienced staff will answer your questions, provide free quotes and work with you to make your moving simple and easy and of course the entire Rollins experience our very best!

Rollins 3PL (third party logistics) means we do the work so that you don’t have to. Rollins can provide packaging, crating, freight forwarding, cross docking, warehousing, and trucking. Choosing Rollins for your third party logistics provider means you can focus on your core business while we focus on logistics. This saves you time and money by no longer having to provide your own warehouse space or transport facility.


Contact Rollins, an agent of Stevens Van Lines, for your next office move!
Rollins offers residential moving services, including packing and storage.
We pride ourselves on great customer service.
With thousands of square feet of storage space, Rollins can solve all your storage needs!
Visit our 3pl website to explore our kitting, packing and export services!
Rollins 3PL has your logistics outsourcing solution.

Why Invest with the Partnership?

Greater Springfield Partnership 20 South Limestone Street Suite 100 Springfield, OH, 45502